Leaders’ Edge Scouting Service

Our Leader’s Edge scouting service is a cost efficient way to manage your fields and stay ahead of potential problems at all times throughout the agronomic cycle. Our agronomists visit your fields at each stage, beginning at emergence. Continuing through the season, we analyze the crop for weed and insect pressure. As the corn approaches the VT stage, we begin to scout for disease for those interested in fungicide spraying. Near plant maturity, we perform yield and stalk quality checks and closely monitor kernel moisture when the corn enters the R6 stage. Because of variation, we don’t perform yield checks for soybeans but we watch them closely for insect and disease pressure. Following each trip to the field, our scouts send out detailed reports of their findings via mail or email. Included in these reports are overall plant health, uncommon stress or deficiences and recommendations for chemical applications. Our competitive prices ensure customer satisfaction and will save you time and money throughout the growing season.

  • Corn scouting price: $4.50/acre
  • Soybean scouting price: $3.00/acre

Reliable soil testing is critical to profitable crop production. At Earlybird, we pull our own soil samples to guarantee consistent results. For more than 40 years, we have used Midwest Labs to ensure uniform recommendations, maximizing both cost efficiency and yields. Using state of the art technology to map out boundaries of your fields, we can create GIS topographical maps to assign grids for soil testing. Although we can test by soil type, we generally sample fields based on 2.5, 3.3, 5 or 10 acre grids. We can accurately overlay grid maps with corresponding soil type maps so that we can VRT fertilize by grid, giving you less fluctuation in nutrient levels throughout each field.