At Earlybird, we recognize the challenges of growing a successful crop in Central Illinois. This is why we are committed to providing accurate information and advice regarding our extensive line of crop protection products. Our company is devoted to researching cutting edge technology and offering you the highest quality of branded and generic herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. In our local test plot, we conduct our own trials of innovative insecticides and fungicides. We offer retail sales, distribution and custom application of all of our products.

We are excited to now offer biopesticides! Simply, these are pesticides with biological origins that were not synthesized in a lab. Labeled OMRI, these products were originally marketed for organic and high value crops but are also labeled for conventional corn, soybeans and wheat. Regalia Rx is a P5 fungicide- a novel mode of action limiting risk of disease resistance. It can be applied alone or tank-mixed with traditional synthetic fungicides and has broad spectrum fungal and bacterial disease control. In addition to disease control, Regalia Rx has plant health benefits similar to the strobilurin chemistry including cell wall strengthening, increased chlorophyll and protein levels and stimulated root growth. There are 4 years of university and third party research data and we plan to add it to additional third party replicated trials across the midwest in 2014. The following link provides additional information but please contact us with any questions.