Earlybird provides a large line of specially blended grass seed for all your turf landscape needs. These blends are available by the pound or more economically through a 50-pound bag or pallet. Please see the chart below for primary and over seeding rates.

EB Triple Play Mix: is comprised of beautiful, yet durable Turf-Type Tall Fescue with Kentucky Bluegrass and top-quality Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass.
EB Double Play: An excellent mix for high traffic areas and challenging soil conditions.
EB Shady Mix: includes only improved varieties that have excellent disease ratings; shade tolerance, density and over-all turf quality. Shady Mix is an excellent blend for new lawns or over seeding.

Earlybird knows that plant nutrition is important and a healthy, vibrant turf depends on it. High quality, consistent product goes a long way. We also encourage soil testing to evaluate turf needs. Our on-staff experts will help you develop a site-specific program to follow for the entire season. Our easy to follow Turf Program makes it easy to care for you lawn.

Endure Fertilizers
When it comes to quality, Endure® is the brand to look for.

Endure® uses only the best fertilizer ingredients available to provide top performance of your lawn. This is the fertilizer professional use. Your lawn will look greener and thicker, plus be more durable against insects and diseases.
Endure 18-0-0 Barricade
Endure 19-0-0 Dimension
Endure 30-0-5 Fe
Endure 20-0-3 Surge
Endure 18-0-3 Merit
Endure 24-0-3 UMAXX
Endure 10-20-8 UMAXX

There are a few things in life more rewarding than growing your own fruits and vegetables. Earlybird carries the fertilizers and crop protection products you need to make your garden and fruit trees yield their best. Check out our line of organic products with no pre-harvest interval.

Garden Fertilizers

Spring Valley Top Cut 4-4-0
30-0-5 2% Fe: A high nitrogen fertilizer for sweet corn and other nitrogen loving crops.
13-13-13 Granular Fertilizer: A balanced, all-purpose fertilizer blend for all vegetables.
6-24-24 Granular Fertilizer:  A high phosphorous and potassium fertilizer for vegetables crops that require high amounts of P & K.
4-1-11- 7S Organic: An All- Organic fertilizer for general use for gardens, flowerbeds, and trees.

For more information, contact:
Erik Wiegand: 309-208-8984